The 12 Week Complete Home Training & Nutrition Guide


  • 12 week complete home training & nutrition guide
  • Full workout instructions including video exercise demonstrations
  • Meal plan (including a vegetarian option)
  • Private Team LSF Facebook group
  • Access to Online Coach
  • Educational training & nutrition information


“Within just weeks of starting with Lynsey, I knew this was the best decision I had ever made. I was previously doing slimming world and I had built up such a bad relationship with food. I was overeating massively. Since working with Lynsey, I have a better understanding of portion control and enjoy what I am eating so much more. Lynsey is really knowledgable and very easy to get along with, no question is ever a stupid question. Thank you so much for your support!”


“I was too scared to step foot in a gym but after feeling really low about my weight, and the pressure knowing summer was approaching I knew I needed to do something. I had seen on social media a few friends had really changed their bodies by weight training so after some research decided to give Your Contour’s Summer Body program a go. I completed the first 12 weeks and had a fabulous transformation which spurred me on to continue training with Your Contour. I have been weight training for 5 months now and can’t believe the results. I’ve lost 22lbs, 5.5 inches off my waist and my confidence is through the roof. I can’t believe 5 months ago I was scared to step foot in a gym, now I look forward to going…”

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