Clubhouse App What Is It

Clubhouse App – what is it and how should you be using it to improve your fitness and your business?

The Clubhouse App launched in April 2020 in the thick of the global pandemic. Was it just a temporary fix to a problem or will it have long lasting impact on how business professionals network? I think the latter and this article will help to explain why.

This unique drop-in audio chat is making waves in the business world and I’m going to tell you how it can transform your business like no other social media platform out there. Yes, that’s right – move over impersonal LinkedIn schmoozing or time-consuming face-to-face networking events and say a big hello to the Clubhouse App.

What is the Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse is a relatively new type of social network – based on voice only – where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.

This drop-in audio app provides high visibility even without being seen. Participants can engage in authentic conversations and build relationships without being in the same postcode (or even in the same time zone, profession or pay-grade).

The terminology can be a bit confusing at first so I’ve created this handy Clubhouse Glossary to help you learn all the lingo so you can talk the talk. Download it for FREE now or share with a colleague.

How do you get invited to join the Clubhouse App?

It certainly pays to be an early adopter and I can prove to you how it has transformed my business in only a matter of months. However this App is an invite-only mobile platform. So the first hurdle is receiving an invitation.

Reach out to your professional network, you can use LinkedIn for this, and ask if someone can add you. They only need your mobile number and it’s good for them to build their network with people they trust.

How do you use Clubhouse rooms like a pro?

There are Clubhouse rooms for everyone – no matter who your target market is, or what you offer, there is a place on the Clubhouse app for you to connect with people you aren’t currently connected with.

Clubhouse rooms are where it’s at right now and even as lockdown restrictions begin to ease, the audience is growing exponentially as people realise why it is such a valuable business networking tool.

You can use a Clubhouse room to grow your brand, discover the latest initiatives and best practice, whilst simultaneously connecting with brilliant entrepreneurs, senior decision makers and previously inaccessible business folk. I’ve been lucky enough to share a room with the likes of Podpreneur Alex Chisnall (@podpreneur) and former South African Rugby union player, Gurthro Steenkamp (@gurthro). I also run a Clubhouse room with former Dragon’s Den investor Piers Linney (@pierslinney) and former apprentice contestant Sabrina Stocker (@sabrinastocker). 

The Clubhouse app has a few options when it comes to starting a Clubhouse room. You can open a spontaneous room or schedule a Clubhouse event.

If you choose to join a room, there are three types of rooms available.

3 types of Clubhouse rooms:

  1. Open rooms
  2. Social rooms
  3. Closed rooms

Once you’ve got to grips with being a participant on the Clubhouse App, it’s time to take the leap to hosting / moderating a room. This is a lot less scary than it sounds.

7 simple tips to host a Clubhouse room like a pro

1. Choose a topic you’re confident to speak about.

2. Invite other moderators and speakers to speak.

3. Clearly set the rules and outline the objectives for the room.

4. Be authentic. Don’t pretend to be someone or something you’re not. 

5. Re-cap your room regularly so anyone entering mid-flow can participate or understand what is happening. Need a bit more help on this? I have a FREE Clubhouse room reset script available to download.

6. Follow Clubhouse etiquette. There are a lot of unspoken rules such as no hard selling. You can view the etiquette dos & don’ts in my ClubhouseLikeaPro guide.

7. Keep the room positive and complement your participants as this will encourage them to speak.

Want to know how to maximise your success on Clubhouse? Check out my new ClubhouseLikeAPro website to learn more about my services – from strategic advice on how this incredible platform can grow your business, right through to practical advice and webinars on how to moderate a Clubhouse room.

How do Clubhouse and Fitness work together?

Good question. After using the Clubhouse App, tentatively at first to discover what all the fuss was about, I quickly realised that it was the perfect networking space for time-poor, business professionals who placed a high value on their own personal health. That’s where my concept for Fitness in Fifteen was born.

These highly engaged individuals wanted fitness in small chunks that they could fit into their busy lives. The beauty over Clubhouse over Instagram is that my audience can verbally ask me questions in real-time. Instagram, while great for syncing visual with my audio, was much harder to connect with my audience during a workout. I like to think I’m pretty good at multi-tasking but trust me it’s not easy (or effective) to simultaneously demonstrate a workout and respond to typed comments! 

The success of my Fitness In Fifteen platform has also helped to grow my Instagram base and I soon grasped why these complementary social media platforms, where visual and audio real-time content is necessary, go hand in hand. I’ve also been lucky enough to provide rich and diverse content through collaborations with other fitness professionals. I genuinely believe that if I hadn’t embraced Clubhouse to the extent I have, I would never have grown my network as quick or as successfully as I have. 

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If you’re not already on Clubhouse then hopefully you’ll be hot footing it over to the Android or Apple store to download it now.

I’m determined to help businesses, brands and individuals succeed on this platform. It was a huge learning curve for me and I admittedly made some rookie mistakes along the way. You can benefit from everything I have learnt so you can get ahead of your peers – to find out how, visit my ClubhouseLikeAPro website.

Coming soon – “How to increase revenue using Clubhouse” – watch this space for updates.

This article was written by Lynsey Treharne @lynseysuzanne. Lynsey is an Online Fitness Coach, Corporate Group Fitness Instructor and founder of the first fitness platform on Clubhouse – Fitness In Fifteen.

Why not book a free consultation with Lynsey or check out the ClubhouseLikeAPro website for ways in which you can smash your networking and grow your business on Clubhouse.

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