1-1 tailored ONLINE Training

Whether you are in need of a motivation boost or new to fitness, I can work alongside you to maximise results and achieve your fitness goals.

I specialise in weight and resistance based workouts to target fat loss, increase lean muscle mass and improve strength.

1-1 Tailored Online Training

The digital wellness solution.

You get all the perks of a personal trainer without the same expense.

How does virtual personal training work?

First I will work out how much experience you have, how much time you legitimately have to train, what type of equipment is available to you, proficiency in various exercises etc.

Based on this, you’ll have the most effective training plan possible. If you are unfamiliar with exercises, I will explain them to you as well as provide both pictures and video.


The goal is to design you a diet in line with your goals that will not completely be at odds with your life. I don’t force people to eat grilled chicken and steamed asparagus all day long. 

You’ll get a free reign (within reason) to eat what you like, providing you are meeting your daily calorie and macronutrient requirements. Think of it as like a “budget” for your food.

Accountability & Ongoing Support

Each week I will ask you to check in with me via Zoom. We will talk about how the week has gone as well as letting me know of any concerns. Then I’ll review your progress along with your weekly check in.

You’ll have unlimited access to me via personal email with a  24 hour response time.