I contacted Lynsey after having a lower abdominal injury and needed advice and help to get strong again…
I’ve only managed to have a couple of sessions with Lynsey due to my hectic life and motherhood commitments but everytime I have seen her I’ve felt strong and positive. She patient and understanding.
I am looking forward to more sessions and for 2018 to be my year with the help of Lynsey I know and can/will be able to achieve my goals and be the person I used to be and long to be. Sam Ravelin

Lynsey is an amazing PT. I had a few health problems and was very unfit but she always made me feel good about myself despite the fact I’m probably the worst client to have. She certainly knows her stuff and worked around the problems I have. If you want to get fit, change shape and learn all there is to know about a healthy but attainable way of eating, all in a relaxed, supporting and fun atmosphere, then Lynsey is the one for you. I highly recommend Lynsey, she’s a great PT. Jo Perry

I had never had a personal trainer before lynsey so I didn’t know what to expect at all and I was pleasantly surprised. Lynsey was amazing trainer who made me feel so comfortable and really helped me with understanding specific exercises for working specific parts of my body. I gained a lot of knowledge from Lynsey and saw actual results and so did my friends! Would absolutely recommend as she is so motivating and gave me a lot of confidence! Hannah Nicholl

Lynsey is an awesome PT. Provided me with a training plan and nutrition plan for my goals, seen a lot of progress with the help of Lynsey. Sessions are fun, motivating and hard work. No pain, no gain though right. Consistently checking on my progress, and keeping the training plan fresh by mixing it up as required. Couldn’t recommend her anymore, so knowledgable and any questions I’ve had were always answered quickly. Thank you for giving me more confidence in and out of the gym. Josh Goode

Lynsey has great knowledge and has taught me a lot since I’ve been seeing her on a weekly basis! She makes every session enjoyable but yet really pushes me to meet my goals. I’m really pleased with my progress so far and this is thanks to Lynsey! Lydia Noel

Lynsey is so knowledgeable, I have learnt so much about exercise and especially about form. She is very supportive and pushes when you need it. Can highly recommend her. Alison Hamilton

I couldn’t recommend Lynsey enough as a personal trainer, very knowledgable and has lots of helpful tips and advice with exercise and nutrition. For someone completley new to exercise and the gym environment, Lynsey was extremely patient and understanding, really pleased with the results. Lauren Knappes

I referred my daughter to Lynzey, as she was looking to start getting into fitness but didn’t really know which direction to go and didn’t feel confident enough to join a gym. My daughter has been to a number of Lynzey’s PT sessions and raves about how great and informative they are. Last weekend she joined the same gym as me and I’ve been absolutely amazed with her confidence in not just going to the gym but using the information Lynzey has provided to create her own workouts and routines. I cannot thank Lynzey enough for how she has helped my daughter and highly recommend her as a PT. Paul Clark

Just by changing a few things in my diet and exercise regime I have seen the difference in just a few weeks. Hayley Treharne

Great online training package.  Lynsey gave me new ideas for workouts, recipes and general health and fitness motivation! Would highly recommend! Siobhan Elliot

I have been going to Lynsey since January 2018. I wanted to lose excess body weight and gain a better shape. I started off with one PT session a week and enjoy it so much I have upped it to two! The sessions are always fun and I’m always surprised when we finish the session as they go so fast. I’m really pleased with the definition I have gained in my back and arms. I have definitely toned up and if money was no object would be having a PT session every day! I recommend Lynsey as she is fun and listens to what you want to achieve. She is also good at making sure every exercise is performed correctly to avoid injury. Sophie Glen

I have been online training with Lynsey for well over a year now . I can’t rate her highly enough ! I suffer with fibromyalgia and wanted to still go to the gym as it has been a passion of mine for quite some time. Lynsey creates monthly workout plans for me which are suited to what I need . She is always there to contact with any questions I might have ! I cant Thank her enough for how she has helped and supported me !

Lydia Phillips

Lynsey is a motivating, knowledgable and caring PT. she will always make me give 100% and push me as far as I can. I am not a fan of fitness but doing PT with Lynsey has made me not only look forward to our weekly sessions but also give me the confidence to do PT alone so each week she can see my improvements and push me further. Any questions I have, any time, she answers and is there. I couldn’t recommend her enough. I’m seeing results already. Grace Lawton

I chose Lynsey to train me 1:1 because I was struggling with my age and change of body shape and Lynsey was very understanding. Our sessions are always fun ( as much as they can be !) and Lynsey is always very attentive and professional.
Lynsey has always been very accommodating and understanding about my needs and how training fits into my busy work life.
Most of all she is very motivating and yet she ensures your expectations are realistic so you always feel inspired to keep going.
Lynsey is always on hand if I have any questions and will always go that extra mile and this is because she is passionate about what she does. Jan Hoyland

Lynsey is by far the best personal trainer I have ever had. Without her I wouldn’t be eating correctly, working out nearly half an well and feeling as good as I feel right now. I can’t wait to see my progression and it is all thanks to her. I can’t praise her enough!!! Lois Hooton

I came to Lynsey feeling very down about my weight and shape, having gained a lot of weight in a short space of time (now bring mid 40’s) and being generally demotivated by the fact that I was working out regularly, eating little bit still gaining weight. We are towards the end of a 12 session programs and I’m feeling 100% more positive about myself and seeing results (slowly but surely). Lynsey has helped me a LOT to sort out my eating ie regular meals and correct foods so that I’m eating more but losing weight and fat. It’s still early days but I’m continuing with her diet and exercise programs and am getting back to me old self. Thank you lovely Lynsey Gail Walster

I had never been to the gym or had a personal trainer before Lynsey but I’m so glad I decided to give it a go. I’ve had 3 sessions with Lynsey now and she always makes them fun as well as pushing me to not give up. She has also helped me with home exercises and making sure I’m eating the right food. I would 100% recommend Lynsey and I look forward to the rest of my sessions with her! Meg Clark

I have been training 3 times a week with Lynsey and I love it! Lynsey is a fantastic trainer. She offers endless support and advice and finds a program to suit your lifestyle. The sessions are so varied and fun, Lynsey commits to your training and I just wish I found her a long time ago 🙂
Danielle Gomez

Lynsey is great! So knowledgeable and supportive. Would recommend her to anyone!
Amber Lewis

Highly Recommend
Very knowledgeable trainer that will help you to achieve realistic targets
Karen Edroff

Lynsey is just so helpful and supportive and I look forward to what the next few months have in store.
Kay Tilly

I’ve been working with your contour for 6 weeks before I was under eating and over training. Now eating more (carbs) and training a little less, and starting to get abs.
I love having the guidance from Lynsey whatever question I have, she is happy to answer. I have never felt better about myself which has given me the confidence to want to compete next year, highly recommend 5 star from me.
Emma Valentine

Fun,positive,friendly and reassuring . Explains what we are doing clearly with encouragement. I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning, but love my sessions now.


Lynsey has been the perfect guide to building up good habits in regards to exercising and food. I feel like I can take myself forward from this point but if I need her again I know she will be happy to help me again 🙂

Nicola Gale

Lynsey is a super PT. I never had a PT before and was always conscious about having someone there telling you what to do. But Lynsey makes it so comfortable and fun.
My daughter 17 and I have the session together and Lynsey is adapting it for us both in a great way. My daughter loves going which says a lot.

Ulrika Scalberg

I have trained with Lynsey a few times now and I always throughly enjoy it!
She’s extremely attentive to detail, correcting form throughout the session.
Definitely recommend her group sessions or personal 1-2-1. Elly

Lynsey helped to write a training and meal plan for me based on what my goal was. She led me through each training session and showed me the correct technique without being overly critical and helped give me advice on the meal plan where I found it difficult to hit the ideal targets. Would highly recommend. Paul

Lynsey introduced me to weight training & to macro’s to help me have a more balanced & healthy diet to optimise my training. She is very motivating, knowledgeable, friendly & always there for advice and a positive push when you need it. Would highly recommend! Thanks Lynsey. Megan

Lynsey is an amazing personal trainer. Her knowledge and understanding is way beyond what I expected. Lynsey is hardworking, dedicated and passionate about her work and this comes across in every session you have with her. In addition to personal training Lynsey will also help you to create a full nutrition plan to suit your diet and life style.
I look forward to my sessions every week and each week she makes me more determined to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Lynsey to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer. Ellie Mason

I love Lynsey. I’d had a rubbish year and was feeling pretty down so decided to make some positive changes. I knew I’d made the right decision to ask Lynsey for help from the start when she told me I had to eat more. Yey! I did eat more (of the good stuff) and I lost 4″ in 7 weeks. I had way more energy. I was stronger, more confident and more focused in all other areas of my life. She is so positive and encouraging, you can’t help but give it your all in sessions……and she has a killer bod, so she knows how to get results. She also knows everything about everything. She really does! Debbie Talbott

Lynsey is such a knowledgable and dedicated personal trainer. She makes each session fun and helps me to achieve better every time! I have lost over 11lbs now. I would highly recommend! Jade Jennings

I’ve been working with Lynsey over the last few months and can’t believe everything she has helped me achieve. In only a few weeks we managed to reduce my resting heart rate by a whole12 bpm, improve my upper body strength (I can now do 10 whole press ups!) and achieve the best physical fitness I’ve ever had in my life. I’m getting faster and stronger every week and having a lot of fun too. My mood is better, my sleep is better and my confidence is through the roof.

Lynsey isn’t a ‘one workout suits all’ PT. She listens, understands her clients’ different goals, and develops tailored exercise and nutrition plans to help you achieve your goal. Whether that’s improving fitness to pass a military test, getting the abs you always dreamed of, or conditioning you for an event. It also helps that she’s lovely and a lot of fun. Thoroughly recommend. PT sessions with Lynsey are one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Caitlin Hunter

I am so glad I found Lynsey! Done 10 session already and paid for another 10.  Feel fitter and healthier & lost 6 ponds. She is very professional and knowledgeable, and she does genuinly care about her clients. Would recommend without hesitation! Alla Neal

Lynsey is an excellent PT! Although the sessions are hard work, I look forward to each and every one! She guides you through each step of the way and makes you feel at ease even when you think you don’t have the confidence to do it! I now have more confidence to visit the gym on my own and understand more of what I need to do to get to my goals. It’s great to have somebody so supportive and motivating and somebody who understands! I couldn’t recommend her enough, she has helped me achieve things in such a short space of time and I’m looking forward to learning more from Lynsey, she is very knowledgeable and a great mentor to have!

Claire Cheater

Lynsey is an outstanding personal trainer. I highly recommend her!
I sought her expertise whilst pregnant, where she helped me stay strong and fit as my bump grew, adjusting to the needs of a pregnant lady as each week changed.
I returned to her post baby, where she helped me get my strength and shape back.
Every session is different, and ever so personalised, she is deeply knowledgeable, welcoming and some how makes an hour of hard work fly past with a smile!

Robyn Collier

Lynsey is amazing at what she does! Not only is every session different but the hour goes by super quick! She makes you feel comfortable and is always so informative when advice needed!
I couldn’t have found a better trainer!

Amika Patel

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