“I messaged Lynsey for PT after going through a hard time in my life and needing to find some focus. She has been calm, patient and understanding. Our sessions are fun and full of great advice. Lynsey is very friendly and encouraging which has helped me achieve the results I have to date. I would highly recommend.”


“For the first time I have found I am actually sticking with it and seeing results! I’ve learnt loads. I’ve really enjoyed the exercise sessions with Lynsey. The sessions are actually fun (never thought I would say that)! So glad I made the decision to contact Lynsey and I’m looking forward to improving my results week by week.”


“Love Lynsey, she is full of helpful advice and always willing to help. Great PT with some fantastic knowledge. Completely changed my view on weight training!”


“I contacted Lynsey for online training support after I lost my focus and gained weight. Being a paramedic it was important the plans were tailored as my shift pattern varies so much. Some weeks I could only train once or twice but Lynsey was understanding of this and together I found my focus again and have started to see smoother skin, a flatter stomach and overall feel so much better about myself.”


“I started having PT sessions with Lynsey in January 2017.  I had no confidence in the gym and was doing cardio and had no shape to my figure. After putting in the hard work and being guided with my nutrition, I have got the bug! My shape is changing and I’m feeling so fit.”


“Lynsey has introduced me to a completely different way of training and I am now in the best shape I have ever been in. I have lost half a stone in 3 months and have more shoulder, glute and tummy definition than I have ever had even before giving birth. I also feel much healthier inside and out.”


“I had 1-1 posing classes with Lynsey and I honestly can’t praise her enough. Firstly, she was prompt and flexible and able to book in slots to fit around my shift work. She was so lovely and approachable, happy to answer any questions at any time. She immediately saw what I needed to work on, taking photos for my progress. She worked out what poses suited my body shape specifically to show off my strong points. I wouldn’t have been able to get up on stage with as much confidence without Lynsey and definitely wouldn’t have placed first! Would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to learn or practice stage posing.”


“I’ve been having posing lessons with Lynsey to get me ready for my first bikini show and they’ve been such a huge help! Lynsey is a great teacher, calm patient and knowledgeable. I’ve come so far thanks to her help and support and couldn’t of asked for a better teacher, highly recommend!”


“I booked Lynsey for 1-1 posing classes in August 2017. Lynsey was very knowledgable and professional. She went through everything clearly which helped me learn the importance of posing and how to present myself on stage. Our sessions were great fun and I left the sessions feeling confident and motivated. Overall a great experience and highly recommended.”


I was introduced to Lynsey through my sister as they went to the same gym as each other. One of the best things my sister has ever done for me! 🙂 I was due to get married and needed to get into shape. Lynsey made this possible and by the time my wedding day came I had toned up massively and also lost 8 pounds. To celebrate this I made sure I purchased ALOT of new bikinis for the honeymoon! I’ve recently restarted sessions with Lynsey as although I was still going to the gym I felt that I wasn’t achieving the same results working out alone. For me Lynsey provides firm support and encouragement to push me to achieve my goals. Sessions with her are good for my mind and my figure and I just wish I could have a session every evening! Highly recommend her service and ability to get results. I can’t thank her enough for all the work she has put into helping me.


“Lynsey is just what I needed.. she has been such a knowledgable and informed PT for me. We have trained on a monthly/ fortnightly basis and the support I receive from Lynsey has been second to none. She certainly knows her stuff; chopping and changing my plans when I need and where she sees fit & also keeping me as sane as can be!!”


“Can highly recommend Lynsey ! Never thought I would enjoy training as much as u do but have found Lynsey easy to work with caring and fun! Can’t thank Lynsey enough for helping me work towards and achieve my goals means so much after being so poorly.”


“I started with Lynsey first week of January 2018, go twice a week, and can see the difference already! She is great fun to train with and gets the results you are both looking for. I think she has ruined me for any other PTs as she is just the person who I was looking for, and more.”


“I have gained so much from my PT sessions with Lynsey. I have found her extremely knowledgeable, approachable, enthusiastic, yet ‘real.’ It’s only when you take the plunge, that you realise how important technique is in training, and how wrong you’ve been doing it before. Lynsey demonstrates each exercise precisely and gives guidance through out. I feel I’m in a better place, with more knowledge than I’ve ever had before. Along with my tailored eating plan, I’m seeing such great results.”


“Lynsey was my Posing Coach for my first PCA bikini competition and she was absolutely amazing. I had a couple of face-to-face sessions with her as well as online support. She helped me nail the basics and then developed my posing a step further. She really brought out my confidence and a bit of sass for my first show! Lovely lady – professional, friendly, supportive and really knowledgeable. Couldn’t recommend her enough.”


Lynsey is such a great personal trainer and posing coach shes extremely dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals and she goes above and beyond for you Linsey came highly recommended to me to help me with my posing and She’s also helped me with my nutrition she really motivates me even on days when i feel negative i walk out of one of our sessions with my head held high and full of confidence.

Anyone these days can claim to be a pt after going on a quick course but when you see Lynsey you know you have made the right decision she has the knowledge , experience everything a PT should be.

I couldn’t recommend her enough 💪 💪”


“Lynsey has helped me get into shape for my wedding day with her online tailored training package. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have since struggled to find an exercise routine that doesn’t leave me completely fatigued. Lynsey tailored a plan that included both home and gym workouts, so on days I couldn’t face the gym I could still do some exercise which helped elevate my mood. I absolutely loved my wedding day and felt at my absolute best on my big day.”


I would recommend Lynsey as a PT and Posing Coach in a heartbeat, she is professional, knowledgeable and above all, incredibly passionate about what she does. I felt comfortable even in my first one to one posing session when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing parading round the room in my hot pants and heels!! Lynsey will help motivate you achieve your goals and I am very grateful for her support and encouragement.


”I started training online with Lynsey in a bid to lose some of the stubborn fat around my waist. I ate relatively clean and I trained 5/6 times a week, so I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing the progression I was working so hard for. What I achieved with Lynsey’s help was far more than just a smaller waist. By utilising different equipment and being coached on my form, my overall strength and fitness improved so much in such a short space of time that I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. These pictures are just 3 weeks apart. Each workout is tailored to you, so you can achieve exactly what you have discussed. I have learnt so much from Lynsey. Always willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with. The tips on nutrition are excellent and their dedication is clear. Lynsey is focused, fun, committed and inspirational and I can’t recommend her enough!


I joined Lynsey in January 2017 to get myself ready for my first ever bikini competition in April. Before I found Lynsey, I’d just been listening to other people’s advice on diets and not really having much knowledge of how to work on each muscle group. I started gaining a lot more body fat than I wanted and not seeing a huge difference in shape. These photos are just 7 weeks and I can see a massive difference. I’m so happy with the results so far, I couldn’t recommend Lynsey enough, thank you so much.”


 Have been working out with Lynsey for a couple of month and the results have been amazing since the 1st month. Have toned up and gain strength in just a couple of month. I used to work out but never have got the results I had since training with Lynsey. She is really helping me to get to my goals! Couldn’t be happier with her and the result have got 🙂


”Would 100% recommend Lynsey as a online coach! Has helped me with all my diet and training plans. She is approachable and knowledgable! Saw changes in my body within a week of starting my plan and I feel great!”


I had Lynsey do a food and training plan for me for the run up to my wedding on December 29th. She was amazing and totally supportive. She made my plan flexible enough for me to fully enjoy my hen do and Christmas and had no judgement when i had a few slip ups! I felt amazing on my day. I lost over a stone and inches all over, and my dress fitted perfectly. 100% would recommend her to anyone thinking about a fitness plan!”


 I referred my daughter to Lynsey, as she was looking to start getting into fitness but didn’t really know which direction to go and didn’t feel confident enough to join a gym. My daughter has been to a number of Lynzey’s PT sessions and raves about how great and informative they are. Last weekend she joined the same gym as me and I’ve been absolutely amazed with her confidence in not just going to the gym but using the information Lynzey has provided to create her own workouts and routines. I cannot thank Lynzey enough for how she has helped my daughter and highly recommend her as a PT…

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