10 Ways To Exercise Outdoors During The Corona Virus

So right now we are all practicing some social distancing, which may mean your usual fitness class isn’t running, your gym is shut or you would prefer to keep your distance during this time. 

So here are some outside exercise ideas you may or may not have already considered!  

1. Swimmers – take to the sea. YES I know it is cold, and you probably won’t  want to swim as long as you do in your gyms heated pool,  but you can guarantee that for the time your in the water you won’t have Corona on your mind. It would be rich for me to say that I’ve tried it, but I watch Jay Alderton sea dip regularly and he absolutely lives by it. So if not now when? 

2. Take to the hoops! Most of you have or can access a basket ball or two. Your kids might even have a hoop at home. Plenty of play parks have them and if not maybe its worth an online purchase? Not only can you sharpen up your shooting skills but you can involve your family and all exercise outside together.  

3. Skip – Easy thing you can do – ANYWHERE. I bought myself a speed rope for £7 to try and nail some double unders during this time. Get yourself a note pad and start counting your consecutive skips, or even having a competition with your family on who can skip the longest consecutively. Keeping the competitive spirit alive.  

4. Grab your KB and resistance band and take to the beach or favourite scenic place. Right now, nobody passing would even bat an eyelid (not that they would anyway, but I think in this mad world right now literally anything goes) and you can do your usual ‘home’ workout with a breathtaking view.  

5. Fancy challenging your running skills but you don’t have the time to spare with the kids at home to put in the extra miles? Put some bottles of water in a rucksack and try running on sand or uphill! 

6. Get on your bike!  

7. Borrow your neighbours dog. Even if you are social distancing you can still pass a dog lead. Dogs not only make the walk more enjoyable, but if they are anything like mine, you’ll be out twice as long because they run off and don’t come back for ages! I mean, half of my walks end up in some sort of frantic jog trying to locate them.  

8. Take to the outdoor tennis courts. Or create your own in your garden.  

9. Goal keeping practice. Take it in turns to be in goal. Once again keep a tally and get that competition spirit going in the household, maybe decide on some sort of fun prize for the winner after a few weeks. It might give you something to look forward to when this has all calmed down. 

10. Take your yoga mat outside, somewhere peaceful and enjoy some outdoor headspace and relaxation time whilst performing your favourite yoga routine. You’ll come back feeling refreshed and revitalised.