Priority Boarding

So I’m sat in the airport lounge watching people line up first as priority boarders to get onto the plane.

I find myself thinking…

Why would you part with hard earned money just to board the same plane as everyone else just 5-10 minutes earlier?

Your seat number is already given so it’s not like it used to be when you had to rush to get the seat you want on the plane.

I find even more baffling on long haul flights.

If I’m going to be stuck on a plane in an uncomfortable seated position for 13 hours the last thing I want to do is add to that time – let alone physically pay for the privilege.

I’m more likely to pay extra money to get off sooner!

Now I understand the logic in purchasing class upgrades or even extra leg room. You are paying to add extra comfort for your journey. Extra comfort comes at a cost.

But to pay extra just to get the same seat you would have had anyway and to board the plane a little quicker and have a special queue to check your bags in….well to me that’s just a waste!

With fitness products you can really waste your money, just like priority boarding.

Ultimately effort gets results, not your bank balance.

You can pay extra to be a member at a state of the art gym, purchase the latest gym gear and latest fitness fads but it doesn’t mean you will get any better results than the person who doesn’t spend their money.

Now there are some fitness upgrades that can enhance your fitness journey, just like class upgrades.

Personal Training Sessions
Online Coaching
Sports treatments
E learning etc

These are like your business and first class tickets. You still have to purchase your flight first before you can upgrade.

The flight is your effort level, the upgrade just makes things a little more “comfortable” but you will still land regardless of what type of ticket you’ve got.

I appreciate that upgrades come at a cost but they are an investment and be the difference between a terrible/failed fitness journey and a successful one with lots of support!

I offer products and services to suit all budgets including group classes, shared PT sessions, one of training plans and tailored online coaching.

Soon I will have a PDF format women’s weight training guide available to purchase for a small one off fee and it will be yours to keep forever!

If you want to be the first to hear about it drop me an email at and I will add you to my exclusive mailing list.